“home sweet home”

Leave the cleaning to us.

Consistently excellent!

With Ilaria we have not only found a reliable, authentic and professional cleaner, she has also become almost a member of the family. A big thank you to Delegate for their consistently excellent service!

Michele Bertuca

Great service

Here service is really emphasized. The apartment is always sparkling clean and smells great. This makes comming home a real pleasure.

Ephraim Chiozza

Very pleased

My 180m² are not easy to clean, all the nicer that I finally found someone who can do it flawlessly. I am very satisfied.

Martin Zemp



Sit back, I’ll take it from here.

I’m Eliane, one of many experienced cleaners at Delegate. What I like most about my job is that when my customers come home, I can give them a positive experience. When everything smells fresh, the beds are tidy and they can just unwind, then I’ve done a great job.

We specialize in upscale home environments and therefore know what it takes to be able to satisfy the highest standards. That’s why cleanliness and thoroughness are our top priorities. Take time for the things that matter the most. We will take care of the cleaning and, if needed, other household chores as well.

Your benefits

Delegate, unlike many other providers, is not an agency for cleaners. Our cleaners are employed directly and receive regular training. This allows us to provide you with the highest level of service.

Trustworthy & personal

Discretion and protection of privacy matters to us. Our high demands on our staff guarantee a reliable, trustworthy and professional service.

Carefully selected

Our employees are not simply assigned to you, but are directly employed by us. This means that we take responsibility for professional execution of their duties.

Transparent, fair & insured

No unforeseen fees – All costs, cleaning materials, travel, insurance and deductions are already included in the price. The cleaners also receive a very fair wage by industry standards, which increases motivation and the quality of the work performed.

Reliable customer service

You need to spontaenously reschedule, want to book a special service or have another request? Our customer service is your reliable point of contact so we can take care of the task for you instead of generating additional work.

And the best part?

No contract, no notice periods. We do not want to bind you by contract, but by satisfaction. You are free to cancel our service at any given time.

Next steps

1. Choose your service

You tell us to what extent the cleaning should take place and whether you still need additional services such as our laundry service. 

2. Individual offer

You receive an offer, tailor-made according to your wishes. All costs are listed transparently and we guarantee that all our cleaners are well insured.

3. Inspection & instruction

Do you have a particularly delicate floor or would like specific cleaning agents to be used? We will coordinate all this and much more at the inspection & instruction appointment. 

4. Customized cleaning & feedback

The cleaning will be carried out in accordance with your specifications. Thanks to our open feedback culture, you can inform us of any optimization requests at any time. 

We regularly clean these apartments.

We maintain a collaborative relationship with all our customers. Many entrust us with the key so that we can carry out the cleaning in an uncomplicated, efficient and professional manner. Get inspired by the beautiful apartments of our customers.

Genuine references

Would you like to get in touch with a Delegate customer and listen what they have to say about us? No problem, contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch.

Since I was not satisfied with my last cleaning service, I switched to Delegate. Here service is still emphasized. The apartment is always clean and tidy. That’s how returning home turns into a pleasure.

- Ephraim Chiozza

For several months we have been leaving our household chores to Delegate. Cleanliness and tidiness is important to us. With Ilaria we have not only found a reliable, authentic and professional cleaner, She has also become almost a member of the family. A big thank you for the consistently excellent service.

- Michele Bertuca

What appealed to me about Delegate are the very fair conditions for their cleaners. I don’t have to worry about contractual details and can simply focus on my job and enjoy my clean apartment upon return.

- Martina Miranda

Request an offer

Send us a non-binding offer request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Trustworthy & certified cleaners


Fair and social working conditions


Individualized according to your needs


Reliable customer service


Transparent prices


No minimum terms and periods of notice

Frequently asked questions

You can contact us at any time by phone, email or WhatsApp if you have questions.


What is the cancellation period?

We don’t have a cancellation period, you can cancel our service at any time.


What do I have to provide?

We bring all the necessary cleaning materials and utensils ourselves. We will only make use of your vacuum cleaner.


What is included in the cleaning?

We thoroughly clean and disinfect all desired rooms. The level of detail is defined in consultation with you.


What can I book additionally?

From changing bed linen, to laundry and ironing, to disposal of cardboard, old glass bottles & PET. Have a look under “Other Services” to see the full range of our offer.


How are the cleaners insured?

In addition to AHV and accident insurance, our employees are also insured by the pension fund. The cleaners are employed by us on a permanent basis. As a customer, you are not the employer, but simply our client.


Are the cleaners trustworthy & experienced?

Quality is our most important requirement, therefore our staff enjoys a thorough training. In addition, we carefully check the reputation of employees before hiring them.