Other Services

Delegate is not only a traditional cleaning company, we also like to go the extra mile for our customers.

On request we wash and iron your laundry, in case of your absence during vacation we water your plants and feed your cat.

Waste disposal

We dispose of waste glass, empty PET bottles, cardboard, etc. properly.

Laundry service

We wash and iron your laundry.

Vacation services

We water your plants during your absence or feed your cat.

Other services?

For more services, please feel free to contact us.

And here’s how it works

1. Select a service

Select the desired service in the contact form below. You want a service which is not listed yet? No problem, we are happy to support you.

2. Offer & Meeting

We will now review the details with you and provide you with an offer. If you agree, we can get started. During the first assignment, a briefing of our employee will take place on site.

3. Execution & feedback

We provide services according to the high standard of Delegate. You can relax and go about the important things in your life. Do you have any further wishes? We are happy to take care of them.

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We got you covered so that you have more time for the important things in life.


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Additional household help – We are happy to be there for you

In a household there is often more to do than just cleaning the living rooms. You have plants or pets to take care of, as well as household chores like separating and disposing of trash or washing and ironing your laundry. These are recurring tasks that take up a lot of time.

Laundry service, housekeeping service, vacation service, spring cleaning and co.

Here, too, we at Delegate are happy to help you! Our employees can not only clean your home, but we also offer you a laundry service, disposal service or any kind of housekeeping service.

In concrete terms, this means, for example, that we will correctly and environmentally sensitively dispose of your accumulated cardboard or PET and glass bottles, or that we will regularly wash your laundry and iron it afterwards. This way you will not only live in a clean living space, but you will have even more order and organization in your life so you can enjoy it even more.

With all the work we are happy to take off your hands, you will have much more time for yourself. And what better way to use that time than to go on vacation? Of course, even while you are away, we will make sure that everything is clean and organized at your home at all times. With our vacation service you can also make sure that your pet is fed, your plants are watered, and your mailbox is emptied. So you can spend your vacation without worries, while we take care of everything.

Individual vacation services, household services and additional offers for you

Whether it’s a laundry service in Zurich, a housekeeping service in Bern or plant watering in Lucerne – we will be happy to submit you an individual offer. You are free to choose which of our services you want to use and when. Here, too, you benefit from a great deal of flexibility and freedom: you can cancel or resume a service at any time, depending on when you need it.


Let us make your household neat and organized

With each and every one of our services, you can count on our professionalism, commitment and discretion. See for yourself and contact us by email, phone or even on WhatsApp. We will be happy to provide you with further information and answer your questions before we take your requests and send you an offer.

As in the case of cleaning, we will discuss with you on site what our employees should take into account. You will always have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with us and give us feedback. If you agree with all the arrangements, you have successfully assigned a Delegate employee to perform tasks for you.

We are confident that we will complete all of your assignments to your complete satisfaction, and we look forward to working with you. Let us make sure that wherever you are, you are carefree and happy to return to your beautiful home anytime.