Do not become an employer unknowingly!

The most common offers on the market are only mediations. Legally, in these cases, the responsibility of all duties towards the housekeeper or cleaner remains with you. The intermediary company only manages the administrative side. For these mediation service providers, the individual clients are legally considered as employers.
Well, not with us. Our housekeepers are employed by Delegate. They are fairly compensated and, unlike many other solutions, also receive a pension fund. For the cleaner to meet the legal requirements (often only AHV and accident insurance) does not mean that she is also sufficiently insured. We all have a social responsibility…including you as a customer with your choice of provider.
On this subject, you can also watch a very interesting report at Blick die Schweiz putzt schwarz (Clandestine cleaning in Switzerland).

Somebody once said: “The price reveals very precisely what you pay for but often not equally precisely what you will get.”

You can expect more from us.

Our high standards in personnel recruitment guarantee professionalism, discretion, reliability and foster trust.

The working atmosphere is collegial and characterized by mutual respect. Is there an unimportant cog in a clockwork? …in this sense we cultivate not only the interaction with our customers but also with our employees.

We focus on the different life and living situations of our customers and thus understand their needs best.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify the lives of our customers at their homes. We lend you a hand in your household. This can also be temporary. Leave your time-consuming and stressful household chores to us. Simply delegate these tasks to us and we will take care of it.

Franco Mancuso, Managing Director

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